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Started as small family firm in 1996,
Adriateh developed an International
Business spreading across 4 Continents
and more than 40 Countries.
Our products are recognized as
extraordinary in functionality and
quality, followed by avantgarde
aesthetics and high user experience.
The formula of success has been
proven through importance of
patented design acting as an eyecatcher
attracting new users where
superb washing technology
then assures your Self Service
Car Wash Station become their
favorite car care place.
Our continuous desire for perfection
are our loyal customers and satisfaction
of their daily users who enjoy washing
and cleaning their beloved cars on
482 locations around the globe.
All products & equipment needed for
your Car Wash Station are designed
and manufactured in our factory which
makes Adriateh unique and reliable
partner for your business.
We hope you will find your perfect match.

Zagrebacka ulica
10431 Novaki Sveta Nedelja