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KAMOKA is a European brand offering auto parts delivered from factories to the car manufactures as original equipment. KAMOKA’s auto parts match strict criteria and the European standards, guaranteeing their durability, safety and reliability.

We support our Partners in developing their business and we focus on their full satisfaction. We expand our offer by producing and supplying high quality parts for reasonable price, which are an alternative on the market, because we understand that everyone should have the right to choose.

The current assortment of the KAMOKA brand consists of 78 product lines in 14 main product groups, including elements of suspension, brakes, steering system, bodywork parts, powertrain. The assortment includes parts for passenger cars, delivery vans and trucks. The offer of the KAMOKA brand, starting from 2005, is constantly growing. In order to meet the needs of the markets for newer cars’ parts, the range is extended every year by several hundred new references, which makes it more attractive.

The assortment offer in different countries can differ from each other, which means that some products may not be available. Detailed information on the availability of products can be obtained in the online catalog after looking up a part by car model in the distribution restrictions tab.

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