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BMW Specialist Koed A/S proudly presents AGA Tools.

Save Time & Money on Costly Repairs!!

Martin Christensen, owner and founder, is an expert on German vehicles and has dedicated his career to providing quality service and unparalleled knowledge to all of his customers. It is this knowledge and expertise that led him to designing and producing his own tools and parts for German vehicles.

Martin saw the need for an alternative to the standard OEM parts which, at times, were insufficient and cost the customer thousands of dollars in labor and repairs. He wanted to increase performance and improve the quality of the vehicle. What started as a niche market for BMW parts, has quickly grown into patented parts and tools for other German makes as well, including Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen.

AGA Tools & Products features custom made coolant pipes, valve stem replacement tool, as well as other kits, and tools to make once costly repairs cost and time efficient. Our products can save customers thousands, and were designed to make repairs easier. With many of our products, like our N62 coolant pipe, AGA Tools eliminates the need to remove the engine in order to make the repair. A repair that used cost the customer over $10,000 can be done for as little as $3,000 and can now be completed in a few hours compared to a few days—saving both you and the customer time and money spent on labor. 

AGA Tools have been manufacturing products for over five years and all of our products are made in USA. Martin works closely with the local manufacturer to ensure the quality and longevity of everything AGA Tools produces. Many AGA Tools and parts are made with billet aluminum and are far superior to the standard, plastic OEM parts. 

AGA Tools offer quality, custom made products designed by an industry veteran and professional. AGA Tools & Products is your solution to making repairs quicker and easier. 

Benefits of using AGA Tools & Products

AGA Tools & Products are a cheaper alternative to the standard OEM products.

AGA Tools & Products are made in America and ship from our service center in Escondido, California.

AGA Tools & Products are made with billet aluminum and are made to last, eliminating the constant replacement of plastic OEM parts.

AGA Tools & Products were designed by an industry expert to save you time and money by making repair jobs quicker and easier.

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